magazine story layout 5

I choose these images and pages as my inspiration because I like the visual set up within them. I also like the implied movements indicted. This is something i would like to try and explore on my maganize. Very creative and simplicity which makes you wanna see more which is my goal.


magazine story layout

I choose warm colors because i want to use these colors to help draw attention to my pages. I also choose cooler colors to create contrast within pages and on the back of my magazine.

magazine story layout 3

The name of my magazine will be called Score 1 Magazine. I would like to design this after espn and sport illustrated. The goal of every sport is to score more than your opponent so I figured the name score 1 will represent all sport uniformly.  Sport Illustration and Espn are both packed with these kind of sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, football and ect. Visuals are important so Score 1 will have visually attractive images along with current topics.



magazine story layout 2


sport illustrated

The magazine sport illustrated was first created by Stuart Scheftel in 1936. His main target was the sportsman. He published issue monthly from 1936 to 1938 focusing on sports such as golf, tennis, and skiing with articles on major sports. Stuart later sold the name to dell publications in 1949 which released 9 issues under the name. Dell’s version covered baseball, basketball and boxing. In the 1940’s these magazine’s were monthly and did cover current events. So when Time inc. received the name their goal was to fill in that gap.

magazine story layout

I am choosing a sport themed magazine. I choose this theme because I’m knowledgeable on the subject and I will be able to capture the interest of non-sport fans and sport fans ¬†clear cut information. I will publicly be posting current sports events to grab the attention of my viewers.

This is Lebron James holding the champship trophy after the 2016 Nba finals. The caption at the top shows believe but many didn’t think Lebron could bring a trophy to cleveland but he believed and defeated the odds.


Sport illustrated

futura summarized



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Futura was designed in 1932, by Paul Renner as a way to express type in a modern but yet clean & simple way. Paul got inspiration from geometric shapes (triangles, squares, cirlces) which classifies futura as a Geometric sans serif typeface. Today futura is present on numerous different product and featured in countless ads with it’s attention grabbing features it draws the viewer in.



ford introduces futura in 1978

The personality of Futura is attentive. With it mainly consisting geometric shapes it grabs the attention of the viewer. Which explains why Futura is usually presented on numerous products and in countless ads.